Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia - Episode 5 discussion

Loving the animation so far. Gil's character building has really come a long way and this episode shows it.

From the FSN Gil who was basically just a foil to Shirou and was this powerful, but arrogant asshole of a villain who's notorious for jobbing to the CCC Gil where although he was still the same old arrogant bastard his personality was expanded upon, to Babylonia Gil who's as arrogant as ever, but being the wise king people expected him to be after the tragic, but sobering events of the original Epic of Gilgamesh.

Being good with the people, playing with the kids, and even dealing with his best friend's death up till now, the characterization of this matured Gil has reached it's peak with Babylonia, and we can expect to see even more as later episodes come.

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