Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 12 Discussion Thread

Long post is long. Tohsaka's awfully direct. I don't remember her and Shirou's date here at all from reading the VN. Shirou can be pretty dense but I suppose that's to be expected from an animu MC. I swear this is gonna be the episode that makes me wish that this series ends This is too damn cute.

Ughhhh, this is also the episode that's going to completely turn me into a Saberfriend. She's the only one wearing a helmet! I can totally imagine her saying “Safety First guys!”. And look...her ahoge is sticking out of it too HNNNNGGGG. She eats so dang much though. Let's see: A sundae, a crepe, a fish-shaped red bean bun and at least five of twelve sandwiches. Yeah, I counted. Second half consisted of major mood whiplash of course. Even though, I KNEW this was gonna happen!

The scene between Rin and Archer was sweet. [](/s "There's no way she doesn't know who Archer is by this point. Saying things to Shirou like 'Oh, don't worry, you'll definitely grow a lot taller' and 'Just get more sun, okay?'. Ufotan is just spelling it out for us lol. If I'm not mistaken, Archer is basically Fate-route Shirou right? I mean, Fate-route is the only route in which Ilya survives and Saber remains Shirou's servant (but disappears at the end) so Archer's previous actions in this war probably closely resemble Shirou's in that one. And I guess according to Nasu, the opening scene of Saber's summoning in the VN is told from Archer's perspective. She no doubt left quite an impression on him. Rin's pretty quick to deduce that Archer harbors some sentimentality about his old flame.”) Really cute details here. Really cute. Truly, Archer is the true tsundere heroine of this route. Although, Rin can certainly get second place by what she tells Shirou here and what she secretly decides to do.

More miscellaneous thoughts: * Aww...Taiga's “date” was a visit to Kiritsugu's grave. I like how much they're characterizing her as mature occasionally here. * Man, this Illusion. It's been a while my old friend. * This is the most human I've ever seen Berserker portrayed. He hardly looks “berserk” at all.

TL;DR: Man, I really love these small details. Another satisfied customer, ufo. I'm looking forward to second cour coming not soon enough. Overall, I only have one thing to say to you, ufotan. Naisuuuuuu.

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