Fatpeoplehaters get triggered by racism.

I actually have treatment resistant depression and anxiety attacks. both anxiety and depression are severe. I went through the scenario you have. I barely slept, I was barely awake. I was always miserable. I tried taking my life multiple times. We didn't have much money, and I went through a lot throughout my life. I started gaining weight due to treatment, and I realized that the most I could do was minimize it. I made a meal plan that cut out anything unhealthy. I bought vitamin supplements for essentials, including vitamin D, which I didn't get because I never left my dark room. I bought water bottle packs, and I'd keep them next to me, and is drink water every time I was hungry in-between my planned meals. I gained 30 pounds over the course of two years. I ate smaller meals. Basically I used the little willpower I had left to diet. Everyday, I got up saying I don't want to be alive. Every meal I wish would be my last, but I survived that phase of my life m. A treatment worked and I got some energy to exercise, and I used it to gain physical strength, and became fit. Lately, it's stopped working and I'm worse than I ever was, so I'm trying a new treatment right now, but these antidepressants take a month to feel any effects. Right now I'm back on my very minimal diet, and lots of water to stay full, and minimize weight gain. Point is, despite all that, I still never became obese. I was poor, depressed, had no family, and anxiety stopped me from doing a lot. What excuse can anyone possibly have? There's always a way. If you'd like more specifics on the diet; I can Pm you.

Now I mainly hate obese people because I think they're irresponsible and weak willed. How can I trust anyone who can't take care of themselves to do anything? depression is a disease, and weight gain is symptom. I wouldn't hate an obese person that's actively trying to minimize weight gain that comes from a disease. But in reality, many obese people are depressed because they're obese. they know they're wrong, but they have no will to make themselves right. I know everyone fights an internal battle everyday, so I give obese people I meet the benefit of the doubt, but it's only been a couple times where they weren't some weak willed person, they just had a disease( that wasn't made up). I'm currently multitasking, and wrote this on mobile so it's not as well articulated as I'd hope, but I hope it answers your question.

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