Faves and Fails Friday

Okay so this story starts with a random tangent: my mums best friend is Taiwanese. She bought back these jelly sweets from Taiwan when I was little, my friend (her daughter) and I ate too many of them and then I was horribly sick all night and the next day. Like, Exorcist style.

Back to the present day. I love lightweight, water-like lip stains. Benetint, Stainiac, Clarins Water Tint, that sort of thing. I’ve been reading on and off about Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tints for a while now, and I was literally looking at them on Amazon LAST NIGHT. Buttt I live in a small city in Canada and wasn’t really interested in making an order just for a lip stain.

My boyfriend is doing an art show this weekend in an arty part of town, and I was wandering around killing time and went into this new Japanese supermarket. They had the Etude House lip stain for $8 Canadian! I thought the stars were shining down upon me. I even washed off my lipstick in a public bathroom, such was my desire to get this shit oh my face.

So I open this packaging, and OH MY GOD. IT SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE THOSE JELLY SWEETS I VOMMED UP ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. It was like being five years old again. Now I’m broken hearted and trying not to puke in my car :(

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