Favorite type of content (and the BGs that deliver)

My favorite beauty guru at the moment is Julia Mazzucato tbh. She does mainly commentary style videos and I just love the way she talks about her favourite makeup items. I honestly look forward to every single video she posts. Also she is a big advocate for transparency, education anti-consumerism and memes. I could listen to her talk for hours.

Recently I discovered MannyMUA and his videos are sooo entertaining to watch. I low-key love him.

And then we have the queen of my heart, NikkieTutorials. Although her content is kind of lacking these past weeks. But I watched most of her videos from last year several times. Her tutorials helped me to step foot in makeup and improve my routine and techniques. I learned everything from her. That being said I hope she returns to tutorials, product reviews and challenges that are actually entertaining to watch.

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