FBI released surveillance video shown to jurors in the Boston bombing trial

Soooo, judging by the fact you posted this 2 years ago, that makes you 25 now, or 10 years old roughly in 2001?

How old were you in 2001?

Things WERE different back then, but there were still a lot of cameras in 2001, and there were plenty of surveillance cameras. Especially around schools, government buildings, police, and corporate headquarters. If you were old enough you might have remembered footage from tragedies like the colombine massacre played on TV.

But even if you can't remember that time, just look at any random 90's action movie, chances are you'll see the cliche scene of the fat security guard sitting in front of 9 screens. Hell, I have my own good quality footage from the 90's.

Now, of course surveillance was terrible compared to standards these days, but it was certainly prevalent.

The internet wasn't ubiquitous back then, nobody would think to upload a video online, so it all stayed on the tapes - That's the big difference.

Regardless though, it was surprising that only those 3 frames were released, IN 2001, by 2001 standards. I remember talking about it to friends. But even then, there was a sense more was coming, and on TV they'd discuss the FBI was withholding footage and I was honestly expecting them to release something more, but they never did (and they might have good reason not to).

This is no reason to believe any conspiracy theory, but these are the reasons the theories were born. I'd be surprised if the FBI wasn't withholding footage, but they very well may keep it classified for national security reasons (eg something as simple as how the staff are evacuated could be classified, and keeps footage from being revealed).

But the technology was there, and we're talking about the fricking pentagon.

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