FBI Vault just unsealed this 324 page document. "What role the U.S. Intel Community played in child sexual abuse and the group known as "The Finders"

I mean, let’s be reasonable man. “Pizzagate” itself was fake based on how you’re describing it. You admit it allowed people to “strawman” believers based on how they believed things that were false. The idea that many of these things are happening in other places is very probable and here, particularly with the seemingly unrelated McMartin preschool tunnels proven TRUE here while no one actually seems to be talking about it. So really, the idea of what was behind believing Pizzagate was real, is real. Pizzagate itself, as far as we can tell, is a joke designed to seem real to those catching on to the truth. It conveniently allowed any real evidence better proven of the same fucking thing, like THIS, to be mostly ignored.

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