FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility

I'm actually an independent, and just by your demeanor and how you make things a personal "we're gonna take back the whitehouse" type of stuff. This is nothing personal and I could give a fuck less about what you think is going to happen down the road. I don't give a shit about any of your political agendas. And that article is based off of FCC filings by the company as to their profit margins. Maybe you should actually read the article instead of just pushing it off as garbage.

Also you're making stuff up again on bandwidth and DOS attacks. DOS attacks exploit a points capability to handle # of requests. It again has nothing to do with how much data is being requested. Hackers didn't go in and just start downloading tons of Microsoft downloads to bring down the Xbox Live network, they flooded it with requests for information.

Also those peak times you're talking about, again that's because the hardware you're interfacing with has not been updated for a long time. Do you think they're having those problems right now in Kansas City? Last I checked TWC runs smooth as butter night or day there and 3x the national speed offering.

Normally I would say don't let the government get too involved with this stuff, but companies like TWC block new companies from coming into the market as well. I mean clearly for places like Kansas City, competition works great but it's not going anywhere for most other states.

And I have nothing against big business until it stifles innovation -- and right now the service providers are stifling innovation with lack of upgrades like the ones you see in KC. Again I already told you why they don't want to upgrade, if you were making tons of money on cable tv why would you want to let a streaming company like Netflix in? Why would you want to let anything but your own content be shown when you go on the internet?

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