FCC revised net neutrality rules reveal cable company control of process

Europe pays half the price for double the speed.

If you're in the expensive parts of Europe. Take France for example. For about 40€ per month, you get:

  • Up to 1Gb/s (whatever is the best connection you can get), unlimited of course. Free upgrade to any better connection as soon as available.
  • A modem matching it, with wifi (802.11ac - up to 867Mb/s), voip, gigabit switch, 250Gb NAS, ad blocking, etc.
  • A TV box linked to it, with blu ray player, HD recorder and a few other things (like live control, replay or some video games)
  • access to over 270 TV channels and some VOD (as a base offer, you can add more channels if you wish)
  • Access to a seedbox
  • A powerline communication thingy, so you can use your home power network as a network cable.
  • Free unlimited phone calls towards 110 countries landlines (+a lot including mobile - also free, including to all of Europe + North America)
  • Oh, and a SIM card too, including 2h calls (to 100 countries) and a tiny bit of data
  • And of course, no "24 months contract" bullshit. Just a monthly cost, without any obligation, can leave any time you want.

Not sure you'd find that anywhere in the US for only $90 (~double the price).

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