Fear of supernatural, feeling of entities around me ¿should I push it away or seek it?

Wow this is cool about you feeling energies and being able to do 30 minute meditations that’s impressive maybe your third eye is opening or if your felt the presence of others since you were a kid maybe that part of you is more opened up but I believe in the law of assumption so I feel like whatever you assume u manifest so if you feel like entities are around you and trying to get to you and when you meditate they get closer to you then that is something you will experience. I’ve been meditating for 10 years and I’ve never experienced that but that isn’t something I think about or have ever given my attention too. If it is scary in a negative way then I would stop giving attention / energy to it and just stop thinking about it all together and you do that by thinking about something else. In order to stop thinking about something you must find something else instead to think about so I would start thinking about other less scary things. Now If you don’t mind it or like it I would explore it and see where it can take you. ultimately nothing is stronger than the power of our minds so you can really take this in any direction that’s best for you

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