Fearing Trump intrusion the entire internet will be backed up in Canada to tackle censorship: The Internet Archive is seeking donations to achieve this feat

So if you're a liberal gun owner like me, you can look at Trump, and say: "If this presidency turns out to be Hitler II: The Re-Hitlering, then unlike my ancestors in the first movie, we can -- and will -- fight back."

The Democrats don't offer that option, and conservatives look at Clinton and see exactly what you see in Trump.

So, when faced with Literally Hitler, you can choose one that will let you be armed to the teeth, or one that wants to see you disarmed for "public safety".

That means us "second amendment people", even the liberal ones, have only one choice we can make.

We care about all of those civil liberties. All of them. They all matter.

But without the 2A, you can be stripped of those rights at-will, either by a government gone bad, or even by a sufficiently angry mob.

Because you can back your oppressors into a corner: they can give up and go home, or they can kill you, but what they can not do is control you.

On an individual level, this isn't worth too much. But even a small group of people willing to fight is a force to be reckoned with, because they blow any pretense of "public safety" or "for the greater good".

That's why the second amendment matters.

And is probably why politicians like Feinstein have repeatedly called for and proposed blanket bans on guns (as well as encryption). Clinton herself stated that she favored forced confiscation (like in Australia).

They want control. Compliance. Submission.

And then anti-gun types lie like senator caught in a gay brothel when they get called on it.

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