Feasibility of asking the World Eater to not do that?

I'd ask it what it's life was like. Presumably Ysellian didn't spend her entire life sleeping. I'd ask what it was like to fly (if that's something your dragons do), to have the world stretch out beneath your wings and know that the sky belonged to you.

Keep in mind that what makes traditional dragons scary is not that they were giant, armoured, flying, fire-breathing war machines, but that they were very intelligent, and not only that - they were wise.

Knowing what little I do about the story, and making up the rest, I'd write something like this, at the end:

"You're a pathetic, cowardly, belligerent race. You're unruly, treacherous and you destroy more than you create." As if to puncuate (Ysellian)'s words, a deep grumble, reminiscent of a lava bubble popping, echoed through the chamber. Ayliah held the broken hilt of [the sword] tighter - a gesture of half frustration and half fear. Ysellian's luminous eye lazily noted her sudden tension, and a grumbling, coughing sound erupted from the dragon's throat. "You're unreasonable. You're ignorant, and you've more audacity than sense." The eye blinked slowly. "But you're very unreason is beautiful. You hope, you love, you have faith. You broke the only weapon that could kill me with the mad idea that you could *convince me*. You rebelled against the very orders of the creator because you, whose minds are but sparks compared to the furnace of Boleil, think you can do better." There was a long exhalation from Ysellian, and the eye Ayliah could see focused on the background, looking past her. "In the end, you've more faith in your abilities than your creator does." The eye focused back on Ayliah. "and that is beautiful. My kind do not have such capacities. We commune directly with Boleil, and when he gives the command, we obey. When he says to sleep, we sleep. When he ordered Eshmilal to give her life to the humans to give them a second chance, she did." Ayliah felt the hot wind as Ysellian turned to face her directly, her huge nose gently blowing a near gale force wind. "Boleil is not interested in giving you another chance. But perhaps I am."

Take it or leave it - the bare details of your story caught my imagination.

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