Fed study: Wage growth an “illusion” that’s “almost entirely attributable” to low-wage job losses. The surprising rise in wage growth "primarily reflects the departure of low-wage workers who have been laid off"

Thanks for paying my bills while I look for a new job because mine closed down. Honestly I have never been better off. Isnt that sad that unemployment pays me a more livable wage than the job I slaved away at as a supervisor?. If it bothers you that I can support myself off 1200-2400 a month get over yourself because it is chump change. I saved most of the 600$ payments so I can afford my rent just incase I am not ablle to find work. I am currently applying for a vet's office job so wish me luck. I'd rather be working that getting unemployment but I also need a roof over my head. Gtfo over yourself and your false narrative that we are taking advantage of the situation. Wouldn't you if you struggled to feed yourself and pay rent while going to school full time and working a 9/5. How about be happy people arnt homeless because I would be without the unemployment right now through no fault of my own.

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