Use of federal guest worker program makes up increasing portion of Yakima Valley agriculture workforce

No one willing to pick that shit for wages that are appropriate for Mexico. And that's why we have Mexicans picking our agriculture in far more numbers than US citizens nor Canadians.

It's really quite simple to understand. Lets assume for a moment that it costs you money to work because it does. Your primary mode of transportation you pay for that. Your home, you pay for that. Your food, you pay for that. Your cloths, you pay for that. All of that has tangible costs. And that total cost of owning and paying for all that is your cost for you to be able to work. So if your job isn't going to pay you enough to afford even the very minimum of those things, they why the fuck would you have that job? Really? Why?!?

You wouldn't. And that's why "no body else is going to pick that shit". Illegals can do it because 1) they pay about 4 times less in local and state taxes than you do because they're ILLEGAL. And it's a crap shoot whether or not they're paying any federal taxes at all since they don't have a SSN unless they steal one. 2) When they go home, the wages they earned here are more than they could earn in Mexico.

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