US federal judge rules that AR-15s and large capacity magazines are not protected by Second Amendment

A lot of people who conceal carry claim they do so for self-defense. However, without proper training, carrying a deadly weapon for self-defense is sometimes more dangerous than not.

What I think there needs to be is a standardized, tiered self-defense training that work up to self-defense with a gun.

Something like:

tier-1: minimum 4 hour training to assess and evaluate a dangerous sitation, negotiation tactics, escape tactics, and hiding tactics, ect.

tier-2: minimum 4 hour training for fighting and disarming tactics, ect.,

tier-3: minimum 4 hour training for fighting with a blunt weapon, ect.

tier-4: using a gun as self defense, including training on how to evaluate the effectiveness of a gun in certain situations, gun safety, laws and regulations on gun, and accuracy training. Requires one month of holding a tier 3 card, AND passing an exam to review tier 1-3 training at most 7 days prior to beginning tier-4 training.

At each level, you get an ID card that certifies you for certain tier. Only when you've completed tier-4 training should you be allowed to apply for a conceal carry permit.

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