Federal Liberal members in eastern Quebec quit party to join NDP

Curious, where's tenasciouseee? Or RedCanada? Or surf_science? Or jtbc? or that legal420now guy? Or OZblue something something? You know, the guys who have been parading Liberal content for weeks now?

Totally nothing wrong with being partisan :) But I just find their silence on this one interesting.

Edit: Oh, there's legal420now at the bottom of the thread after all, calling the NDP right wing despite:

  • Liberals support C51 (right wing). NDP do not.

  • Liberals support giving tax breaks to those making up to $199,999, and will give a small tax increase to those above that. But refuses to touch capital gains taxes. Mulcair vowed to close loop holes and open the capital gains tax issue, which is where the rich make most of their money, and is the real source of wealth inequality. So both are comparable on this front.

  • Liberals fully support TPP, NDP at least announced they are against it, and more recently has positioned the NDP as having a Pro-Trade but Pro-stronger negotiation stance, argueing details need to be read carefully. The NDP have supported some deals, and voted against others. This is practical instead of ideological. Not that the NDP position is perfect, but it's more 'left' than the Liberal position, which has said they will support it fully regardless of the content.

  • Both parties have fairly progressive childcare plans, it's hard to argue one is better than the other.

  • Both are pro-environment I guess, except Trudeau is much more supportive of oil sands development. Both are also pro-science. So arguable the NDP is slightly more left on this front.

  • Both are pro-PR, and both would ultimately bring it to study before endorsing a model (even though the NDP admit they have a preference, but so did Trudeau).

The ONLY front that the liberals appear 'more left wing' on is that they will immediately legalize pot, whereas the NDP said 'decriminalize immediately, study, and then legalize'. I think its rather appropriate to study models first, because for instance CO implemented legalization well, whereas WA implemented it horrendously. Let's not throw a dart at a dart board.

So, do tell us Legal420now, how are the liberals more left of the NDP?

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