I feel anxious about being white

I hear what you’re saying 100%. I understand what you mean by white guilt. I believe white guilt serves a purpose though.

Imo it is a historic shame on us. Just like misogyny. Just like evonomic slavery. It is the epitome of our failings as “humans” to behave above the so called primative animals

Instead of allowing it to paralyze you would you consider reframing it so that it inspires you positively?

Would you ever for instance calling in out as a sibject at a family dinner table? Or with friends?

Could uou find the courage to listen instead of speak when you are given answers— and the consider whether reasons seem valid to you?

If you can get to the point where you can listen to why other people hate ...You rarely can find a very personal or individual reason for hatred - more often it is rhetoric.

Hate begins in fear- that which we cannot control- and if it impacts our sense of entitlement- look out. Outcome the hooded white sheets hate symbols, hate speech, and any other group that has a core vein of hatred running through it.

When you realize that all rhetoric stems from fear- The people spewing it become increasingly flawed humans for humans who lack power the lock power to change or control your mind and once you realize that you realize just how powerful the individual belief system is.

After that moving Mountains is easy for you to do you just to find your mountains in different ways.

Mine is helping one person.

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