I feel awful, angry, and happy all at the same time and I need to vent.

AJJSBWBSBS do you know how much of an awful person you’ve been to me and my friends? you probably left out the fact that you constantly pat her on the head, which she is uncomfortable with, and she has told you to stop multiple times. you wrote her poems which she told me she found creepy. and then you would ship two real people, me being one of them, and that honestly just feels awful. and you did the head pats to me as well. and then the other friend, who i’m assuming you didn’t even mention, gets slapped by you for NO REASON, and then you call him “good” because he abides by what you think a person should do? you basically want him to be how you think a friend should be, which is apparently not objecting when you use them as a literal punching bag. oh also, did i mention that you cussed at me for trying to comfort the first friend i mentioned despite YOU being the one who made her upset? yea, you probably left out a bunch of details, but it’s aight, i guess.

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