I feel bad for liking Inhumans

poor acting

Black Bolt is an exception.

poor production design

Everybody say this, but if the camerawork was better, the production design would be better too. With the right lens, colorization and post production, the show would look better. The sets are actually well done, but when you see the same shots without variation, you'll notice that the sets are all the same. Look at Doctor Who: They make wonderful things turning a small set in a huge and multifarious space. The costumes are everything the team could make considering the little time they had. I know that there's a lot of bad things in the show, but you can't blame the production design in that one.

bad characterization.

I like Black Bolt better in the show and Medusa is just as bitchy as in the comics (after Infinity, at least).The actor from Crystal is not very good, but her character is the same from the comics. Lockjaw is a good boy. The only atrocious characterizations are Karnak and Gorgon.

The show is far from good, but there are actually good things in it. If there was more time and effort by the showrunner and direction, the show could work really well (yes, even with the Hawaii stuff).

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