Do you feel being underutilized In your first 6 months of a job is a red flag?

I think our expectations regarding jobs from what we hear/read can be different from what is or can actually happen.

First job out of college, went to work in a corporate banking. Didn’t get to use as much of what I learned in school except for computing interest. Heck even my law class didn’t even though we were handling documents. Had to be a sponge and learn as much as I can. Stayed their for almost 2 years, still made mistakes even after a year. And I was practically busy everyday.

After getting a post grad. Worked different sized orgs, was busy as well doing other non finance stuff.

Now I’m very happy with my new job doing finance related stuff. I’m almost on my third month and still have a lot to learn. Thing is I’m no coded/programmer but I’m learning stuff. Trying to relearn whatever onboarding documents that I can get my hands on doesn’t matter if it’s related to my position.

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