I feel a bit disappointed the SA supporters shirts are so expensive. My son needs one for Friday as a show of support at school. I simply can't afford it. Anyone else agree or am I being delusional?

That sucks, sorry to hear it. Then, unfortunately, you may want to give them a phone call and first double check that it has to be branded and not just green (in case your son either misunderstood, or is massaging the truth a bit in order to get something nice...kids sometimes don't understand the difference between a parent not wanting to buy them something, and not being able to - I'm not trying to make a comment about or malign your child, young ones just don't understand the world properly, and then as the hormones start fluctuating the empathy receptors get turned off), if that turns out to be accurate point out to them that your family will have to do without some necessities this next month to pay for it. It's unpleasant, but sometimes the only way to teach people empathy is to show them how their actions affect others. It may not help you now, but perhaps it will encourage them to think about these things next time, and so prevent another family from this stress.

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