I feel as if I can never love again after being with someone who had BPD because the high was so incredible - Has anyone here had a similar experience?

Yeah, the love bombing and future faking sucks. You start feeling extra comfortable with them. They beg you not to leave them. They assure how they've never been happier, how better their life is now so much better, how you are so special to them... so in a way, it feels like they are the most special person ever, so you see beyond their trust issues. You start making excuses for them "Sure, they get overly angry over silly things, but her mental issues", "Sure, she threw a shoe at me, but I love her, and her mental issues", "Sure, she is constantly trying to find ways in which I/her friends/her family hate her or are trying to annoy her/ridicule her, but it's not her fault", "Sure, talking with her is like walking on egg shells, but her mental issues make her do it".

I do feel like I won't ever feel like this with another woman. None of the girls I've dated since felt as special.... but maybe that's a good thing. Now the next time I decide I want to get serious about a girl I know the signs of BPD so I'll know how to avoid it.

The only thing I kinda regret is that now, thanks to this sub and to redditor friends(The ones that directed me towards BPD after I told them my situation, one had BPD and the other one a sister with BPD and both told me "She had bpd for sure") I learned so much about BPD, I could've helped her so much more. Advise her that her psychologist wasn't a good match and she needed therapy.

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