I feel like I’m considered weird because I’m not comfortable with sex within the first 3 dates

But remember that everything have its limits. Once I was with a girl, awesome one TBH, close to my perfection, but from the beginning she was like "I want wait till the marriage", and I was always very honest that I will not wait that long. I'm overall honest with everything so she knew I'm not messing around so I thought she accepted it, and I also a accepted she needs a time (she was a virgin, I'm not) so I gave it to her. It turned out I just wasted 3 years with her cause that was her excuse to not go too deep into this relationship cause she wasnt really interested into/sure about me, she just didn't had anyone better at this time. So now for me its around 1 year and I'm moving forward cause life is too short to waste it into person who isn't sure about you, but for some reasons she want to be with you. Either you think you know someone well enough to make this decision or youre both wasting time. Hope you get my point cause my English isn't perfect. BTW its not weird to wait, IMHO weird is not to wait (in the end we are not animals) but also wait forever/too long.

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