I feel like many bootcamps / career coaches are misleading about the data science industry

I got a job offer as a "Junior Data Scientist" 2 weeks after getting out of grad school.

I'm a Geologist, did my masters in Geostatistics, the offer I got was in a Healthcare company. Worked there for 3 months before getting an offer to work for an O&G company with the job title "ML Geologist", which is where I am today.

For the first job, my recruiter told me specifically that they were looking at anyone that wasn't a CS grad but knew Python (Apparently the DS manager hates hiring CS grads, "They can code but can't think" was a quote I heard hi say more than a couple times).

For the 2nd job I was hired without even interviewing, Geologists who can code are extremely rare and the recruiter saw the value in hiring someone with domain knowledge over a general STEM grad.

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