I feel like I missed an excellent opportunity. Is all lost?

Let's first cover the texting - what you're doing is being too indirect, and trying to get her to "validate" that she likes you before you dare asking to see her again.

Such attitude can get you to friendzone at best, or even make her avoid you ("too nice" is a big turnoff).

But the good news is that she still gives you a hint she likes you:) After that awful texts:)

You should just ask her our like you would any of your buddies. Like it's no big deal (because it really isn't you just don't understand that yet:).

And instead of asking ("would you like to go grab a drink with me?") invite her ("let's go grab a drink at wherever").

Meeting for a drink is just an example, you can invite her to whatever activity...especially as you already know each other. (and it will put you ahead of 99% guys regarding originality, but don't start to overthink now...just invite her wherever:)

She accepted kino from you and you both had pleasant times together.

And now the texting is going well too. So what makes you think she's not looking forward to your invitation? Why wouldn't you think she's eagerly expecting that you propose a new date?:)

I think that now she's like "c'mon will you ask me out already?":)

So a little bit of attitude change is needed. Realize that yes, it's possible for girls to like you, and to actually like you very much.

Realize you're not taking anything, you're giving her the present of your presence, your attention and your touches. And she's giving you the same. And together you're having a great time. You're giving a great time to each other.

And ya...you're not naughty enough yet to suggest her a threesome, so first be with her, and then when that goes great, you can discuss together how to bring in the 2nd girl:)

(but I will stress that sounds amazing)

Life is amazing. Relax and live it:) And many girls have the fantasy of another girl...but are too shy to do something about it...and threesome initiated by a guy is a perfect excuse...:)

Good luck man:)

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