I feel like my boyfriend is pissed that we don’t have sex that often.

In my experience (25M), the more often me and my partner (26F) have sex, the higher our sex drives gets. There was a time when we didn’t have sex often, maybe once a week max, and it was because of this that both our sex drives plummeted. This was also due to some medication one of us was on. Since then we have pumped those number up, multiple times a day in some cases, and both of our sex drives have gone through the roof.

I guess my only advise would be to just try more often. Have much more foreplay, tell him to start teasing while watching a movie or something. Wine and Dine! Watch a provocative show (Spartacus is a good one). Think about sex while at work to get worked up.

But also, he should get it out of his head that both of you always need to finish during sex. Don’t get me wrong, finishing is great but sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. There have been times where one or both of us (my partner and I) haven’t finished but it wasn’t a big deal because we were having fun. Sex shouldn’t be viewed as a failure is one of you doesn’t finish. There is always next time! I mean, it all feels good. The more you do it the better you both become and the better you learn what your partner likes. The better you both become the more often you will both finish.

TL;DR More foreplay; if one or both of you don’t finish, don’t view it as a failure. Just have fun.

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