I feel like the only one that sees right through Kathy

As someone who was shipped off to one of those schools (it’s now shut down, thankfully), I don’t give a fuck what any of these parents thought. You have to know your child is going to be traumatized by all of that.

Yes, they have educational consultants whispering in their ears from their fancy offices full of rich parents who are tired of parenting. Yes, they’ve been talked to and told this or that; advised. I still don’t care. I’m a parent now and I would never go with that. Ever.

My mom never apologized either, even after the school was shuddered after a series of SA. We haven’t talked in years. That’s not at all unusual. There’s a survivor’s group for my specific school and a lot of those girls (now women) have died in the worst ways possible… and a lot of it started with unnecessary trauma.

I’m 34 and I’m still mad. Ugh. So I’ll go ahead and project my own BS onto Kathy. If it looks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it’s probably one of those ducks that walks over sewer grates while watching its ducklings fall in.

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