I feel like a slave

It's nice to hear you have a good relationship with your parents, also that you haven't killed yourself yet, of course. You seem like a really nice guy, I'm not sure who you're hanging around but I know you have feelings! I feel like half is ignorance and the other half is the stigma surrounding mental health.

I know you're not defined by your mental illness, a lot of people base their knowledge of mental illness on inaccurate and hurtful representations of them as violent, comical or independent.

I'd say the stigma surrounding mental illness is half as bad as the symptoms but I don't know how bad symptoms can get so I'm just gonna leave a bold say no to prejudice right here and finish my sentence here.

I know I can't meet all your need but you can always PM me if you want, I'm pretty alone myself, not sure if I'm lonely though.

Eh, I'll give you that, being a virgin isn't that great, but having sex probably isn't that great. I'll probs hire a hooker just before I hit 30 if I'm still a virgin. :)

Unless someone's laying human traps in your room you wont be trapped for eternity.

Props to your parents btw, sounds like they did a great job of raising you :)

Legit, the majority of human beings aren't so shallow. I mean I think most of the people in the world are nice. Statistics have shown that human beings are becoming less violent, and the governments are improving the living conditions the less impoverished and people under their care. i.e. prisons, mental health facilities, etc.

Sorry, I wrote quite a lot more than I'd planned to, I got a bit carried away with my thoughts. My apologies if it's bit hard to read.

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