I feel like wizard passives really need some evaluation and QoL changes.

Theres alot of things wrong with every class in general, but even though Wizards are my least favorite class in this game (i know weird) even I can tell there are alot of problems with this class that keeps getting covered over the ridiculous damage modifiers over and over again from sets.

The issue I have with wizards aside from weird passives, abysmal proc coefficients and very boring legendary items compared to other classes is their redundant skills. While some might argue every class has a useless ability I seriously doubt its in the magnitude of wizards. For example, my mains are crusader, WD and barbs, and yeah we have some awful skills too and YES I KNOW THEYRE ALL DIFFERENT CLASSES SO THEY SHOULD INTERACT DIFFERENTLY. But just think about it, is it wizard level bad?

Why doesn't blizzard stack when all of WD skills stack and deal the same damage or in most cases even more and cost less? Why in god's name are Ray of Frost and Disintegrate different skills? Why do both Storm AND Ice armor exist when they couldve been the same skill with different runes? Aside from Sparkflint why do wizards need ANOTHER self buff? Why were wizard proc coefficients never reverted when Halo of Arlyse and Obsidian Ring basically do the same thing even better?

Alot of wizard legendaries don't fix the skill's inherent problem and instead try to cover over it with ridiculous damage modifiers. While alot of other classes are a victim to this too, it's nowhere in the scale of wizards. Wizards have alot more problems than underpowered passives vs other classes and honestly unless blizzard starts staffing their diablo franchise again I really can't see this happening unless a new expansion comes out

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