i feel so lost and aimless with my life, i don't know where or how to restart.

I had a sort of existential crisis in my mid 20s and had a lot of the same shit going on that folks here are commenting about. I chose a trade to try that I thought would challenge me and have many doors to choose from. Could have hated it but luckily I don't. I started my first job on my 29th birthday and should finish the apprenticeship this time next year just before I turn 33. I've set new career goals to work towards. With that plus some personal changes, I'm living a completely different life than I was 5 years ago.

Take the opportunity to change where it's present, even if it means a risk of regretting it. Start with small things that don't cause too much discomfort. Try going somewhere you've been wanting to visit. You won't know if the big changes were the right ones until you've already done it. It's hard to do, it's uncomfortable, but if you're this unhappy you have to do something.

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