I feel quite insecure about my girlfriend of one year because in her old-ish twitter feed (and one not well known podcast she made) she mentions few times how he likes guys that, in retrospect, look nothing like me. Bearded rugby guys and so on. And I look like a cute twink. (M26) (F29)

Do you think there are no relationships where a person is not super physically attracted to their partner, but likes other things about him so she's happy to compromise on physical attraction? Do you not think that lower sexual attraction is a problem in many otherwise healthy relationships?

Now, i'm not saying for a fact that this is the case here. Perhaps she really doesn't have a type, or she's changed, or she does have a type but is extremely physically attracted to him despite him not being of that type.

I do think that if your partner has gone out of her way to describe all these guys she finds hot - and all of them are similar to each other and completely different from you - it's not crazy to at least wonder. And I don't think "She's with you!" is at all a sufficient response to address that worry.

OP - my question to you is "Does she ACT sexually attracted to you?"

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