I feel stuck in student limbo, and CC debt is crushing me.

If your schooling is being paid for through loans/funding and you’re expecting to get around $800 dollars from a gig this month you should be okay! I’m not seeing where this is a dire situation. You live at home and pay no rent… so as long as you get on a real budget you should be able to pay down this debt. Getting a small side job (like the coffee shop) is a great idea I think.

How much a month are you spending on food/eating out/ random purchases? You need to sit down and figure that out. A good majority of this $800-$1000 can go to pay off a good chunk of the debt, then all you need is a side job part time to continue making payments on it until it’s gone.

This is something that can be fixed. I know it may seem like a lot but on average $3000 of debt is not anything to be losing sleep over so take a breath, track your spending to get an idea of where you can cut back, get on a budget, and you’ll be fine.

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