I feel trapped by the traditional notion that you HAVE to go to college and HAVE to work a 9-5 to support a family

I have to say this because I know exactly how you feel. Fuck having a budget and fuck school. Go work for (and learn from) the people who have the career and lifestyle you want. Use the Internet and learn what you will later put to practice. Real life work experience will get you a job faster than a wide-eyed graduate who has no life experience. Budgets are a metaphor for living in fear; my philosophy is "make so much money you can't spend it all" and it has worked since I was 25. If you can't find the career you want then CREATE a new type of career. Fall in love as much as possible or you will end up in crises like the double master degree men who work for me. Travel travel travel and YES you can do it with little money and with great social skills. Learn that the best form of promotion and advertising is educating others on how to improve their lives, organizing scattered information, and showing appreciation. Find a passion. Start a business. Fail. Learn. Stay curious. Do it again and again. This only proves fruitful if you are PASSIONATE about your pursuits. Which brings me to the most important piece of advice: know yourself. Know what you want. Know your weakness. Know what you love. Find that love. Let that love kill you.

Source: I'm a jr high dropout who left his family to be homeless at 16. By 25 I was the first integrated marketing consultant in my town, a career I create because there was no affordable online marketing for mom and pop sized stores in that era. I got my education by providing marketing service for free (experimenting) , used the Internet to learn coding, learned brand development by creating brands for my friends, and I learned art and visual design because that was my true passion. Mixed all my skills together to single handedly give full marketing firms a run for their money. I now left my career to become an artist. I could have been a millionaire as a consultant but I rather make my first million through art because that's who I truly am. Don't be afraid to learn something closely related to your passion as a means to an end. I learned late in my life that just because your great at something doesn't mean you're passionate about it. I realized my love for art because I WAS eating oysters and fillet mignon a couple years back- I was comfortable- but not happy. I now gave up a huge paycheck to start again as a visual storyteller (which is progressing fast due to my skill set) , currently eating Ramen to save for startup costs. I was born in Ramen. Moulded by it. many merely adopted it. I'm Happy and confident in my future.

Know yourself. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't be lazy. Stay curious and earn confidence. Don't save money, make more instead. Don't believe the sheep, they are only following the best story tellers; so become a great story teller.

Finally, know one day that you will die. When that fact makes you mischievously smile and fills you with excitement and curiosity - you've made it.

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