Feeling chilled and saddened after reading an account of SRS

Person who had genuine dysphoria here. My opinion is that the TRA community perpetuates dysphoria, even after you’ve had treatment that could alleviate it.

For instance, I had bilateral mastectomy and felt a whole lot better afterwards. But I got told oh you need more facial hair or oh you need a dick. Why aren’t you packing?

There’s an every changing goalpost and comments designed, imho, to maintain dysphoria and keep you in the community.

At a certain point you’re going to have to accept who and what you are or you’re never going to get better.

The point of SRS and hormones should be to alleviate dysphoria, but in reality there’s no such goal. I do not believe for a second people with actual dysphoria are being helped.

For me personally I was able to “identify” as the woman I am once my dysphoria was alleviated. And it is a relief.

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