Feeling hopeless about chances of getting engaged

As a 30M in a 10 year relationship with my gf now, i will not judge your bf but you really need to have a serious discussion about it. Get a couple counseling if you think you’re not getting anywhere in terms of communication. I’m prepared to get downvoted but I am like the guy, I’m in a third world country where having a family can be a total nightmare. I have issues growing up and saw horrors about how parents messed up their kids, and how difficult it is to have a family specially we have no divorce here. These issues can be discussed depends on how much open are you to hear each other out. I just think it would be really scary and overwhelming for some people even how much they also want it. Really wanting it that they want to do everything right the first time.

I think you don’t want to rush things too because it might end up in a bigger disaster. Assuming you want a marriage and a family.

If you can work it out, I suggest to take one step at a time. engagement first, then plan the wedding throughly then kids. I think that works for us and I’m proposing to her next month. Though Without the surprising proposal since we already talked about it few times this year. I hope I can do it this time.

Then again, I don’t know you or your guy and I don’t know if he has the same issues as mine but you can only know when you discuss it with him. If what he says doesn’t work for you, please walk away. You deserve to be happy.

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