Feeling invisible in my own relationship

And is it even possible to share insurance with someone that isn’t family (blood relatives or through marriage)?

Sometimes, depending on who's providing the insurance. But it's often pretty hard.

At my last employer, your insurance could cover your spouse or a same-sex domestic partner (since gay marriage wasn't legal in the state). But it turned out that did not cover opposite-sex domestic partners, as I found out from a colleague who had a partner but wasn't married, and he couldn't get her on his insurance.

I know it varies wildly from state to state, but in general I can't remember any insurance I've ever had where you could cover a non-related, non-dependent person.

For some reason I'd been assuming that the OP lived with her boyfriend, but if not, the insurance thing has me leaning toward him being married. Or possibly he was married to the ex, and they separated but never actually went through the legal process to divorce (for insurance benefits or whatever other reason) and he's still holding a candle for her.

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