Feeling like I don't belong?

I totally feel your frustration! Try to keep in mind that on platforms like TikTok posts that are controversial (often meaning mind numbingly stupid) tend to get further than kind or helpful posts. I know I’ve seen a lot of the sentiment you are seeing online but never once heard it expressed irl, most people in my daily life are as anti fat as ever. The fact that you continuously put (not me personally) shows that the vast vast majority of people around you are truly not feeling this way irl, just whackos online. I genuinely hope you are able to find more positivity - plus size people should support the others in our community! I gave up tiktok recently and it seriously helped me feel less sad and on edge about this stuff, please try to remember that while there are a couple people (usually young people responding terribly to weight based shame and trauma) online who feel this way it’s almost always not prevalent with people you’d want to associate with irl

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