I was feeling lonely so I started a series on loneliness in my small town photo#2

this hurts bad. after losing my dad this summer, i really feel alone. i have no family in this state, or anyone i would consider close family in general. old friends all married, children etc. gone. cat is getting old and wont be around much longer.

im absolutely an introvert (not reddit's idea of one) but had no idea how much we need interaction, until my dad died. i find myself just talking to strangers now when im out. i never liked the idea of support-groups, in regards to therapy.. but now thats all i want to do, but theyre all closed for covid.

this woman was a little girl not long ago no one wants to be alone like this. no one plans for it.

i wish i could somehow help people who are alone, even though im completely alone and can hardly help myself. i know how bad it hurts and i know its rarely by choice.

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