Feeling pretty bummed after she cancelled our 2nd date

Appreciate this. First, I definitely have no interest in being friends haha. We met once and it was purely in a dating scenario, so I just left it at the 'thank you for your honesty'.

As for my desire in all of this, I'm very much looking for a relationship. No interest in just repeating the same first dates. Very much looking for quality over quantity, but I am trying to cast a wide net until I find that right person. While I've had basically the same strategy for these, it's mostly because I like these two bars and they have the vibe I'm looking for. I've definitely gotten to a point where I'm looking for a SO that I could build a real relationship with, so I think you can say that's the void I'm trying to fill. I'm very happy at work and with my friends, but I haven't had a long term romantic relationship in some time. That's something I'd like to change.

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