Feels bad man. Fair and balanced.

he sits at the back with a mouth full of Doritos and clicks his mouse 1

Only ppl who never played Arty for real say this.

As an Arty player you have to do some more thinks than others. Its true that you didnt drive many times and you didnt spot enemys but you play the Supporter for your Team who have to read the Matchup and Minimap more than every one else in the game to premaim on next position where next enemy will be spoted.

So many ppl hate Arty because they hear about a class that do nothing else than camp and wait and maybe there are some Arty player who really do this but if you got an good Arty player in your Team than you call him a nice man because he helped you at the time you was fight 1vs3 and he stuned them and shot them lowheal.

And never forget! Arty Player need the most EXP to get next tank but get the lowest EXP in the game because they shot enemys over 300m+ and have to give 50% of there dmg EXP to the guy who spoted them for him. The only way to get more EXP is getting stun-dmg but most player in this game didnt shot enemys if they are stuned because they wont give there Arty more points and this are the most matches you lose ;)

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