Feels fair.

I was talking about the bug were you can block on the floor, which if it was fixed, anakin would dominate anyone easily, you seem to think anakin is completely fine, he’s not, he takes no skill to use and against heroes like boba and bossk he is completely unfair, “oh you could block retribution” ummm bossk can’t, Boba can’t, iden can’t, must I go on? Blocking is NOT the problem, that’s irrelevant as other heroes can’t block, you seem VERY dismissive about this which I find disgusting, feelings hurt? I don’t care, many people have already told you how unfair anakin is on this thread and all you replied with is “if blocking was fixed he could block” that’s not a valid point, at all, I feel your biased af, and if your not, then why do you keep going on about invalid points???

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