I fell in love with a long distance guy. Need to wait 4 years. Success Stories?

Love is always worth chasing, no matter how far. Don't worry about other people's success stories, if you two are willing, create your own. The distance is a bitch but waiting for a few months to be together for 2 days or 2 weeks is indescribable. The excitement and joy of counting down to your weekend getaway with your other half is amazing. If you two truly love each other, the distance doesn't matter because love means you're willing to sacrifice two months of being apart just to hold the other in your arms for a few precious days.

I think you two are looking at it in the wrong light, with an LDR you can't look at just the big picture and decide it's too much. Four years is a helluva long time but there will be trips to see each other sprinkled in there. Is he able to come to you? Are you able to come to him? In a few months? Save for it? Visit for a week or two? Maybe?

My fiancé and I have been together for over a year, all long distance. We started off as never mets, met up 3 months into the relationship, and since then, we've had 6 trips to be together. Our next meet up is unknown and that's okay. I know we'll be together soon, hopefully in the next three months. We plan to marry in the spring of 2016 and close the distance fall of 2016. It'll be 3 years of LDR by the time we can close the distance permanently.

I miss him like CRAZY but the short term, three months of being apart, is totally worth the time we will eventually have together. Waiting until fall of 2016 and enduring this distance is totally worth the wonderful future I know we will one day have.

LDRs are completely do-able. You have to tackle the short term and long term at the same time. Focus equally on both, not just the daunting 4 years ahead of you.

In the end, do what you feel is right. You'll never know unless you try.

Good luck.

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