Fellas, this is the a new Interview of Kanye. Forget what you think of his character or politics....Skip to around the 30minute mark. Although my own experience validates the superb experience of retaining, Kanye West further Emphasizes/references the Journey we are on.

Only in clown world can someone like Kanye be considered a genius. His IQ is probably in the 90s at best. Rap music is not real music. And he can't even freestyle. All he does is take songs that other people made and add jungle beats to them. It's not hard when you've got the media and the music industry propping you up in order to degrade society. His music is extremely degenerate filth that's poisoned the minds of millions of people. After years of putting out garbage he's pretending to be a Christian conservative to sell records to gullible people. The guy freaking married a pornstar and he's talking about his porn addiction. He's probably lying about that too cause with all of the money and fame he has he's probably never had to look at porn in years. He's also a certified nutjob. So him coming out against porn will make a lot of normal people think there's nothing wrong with porn.

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