Fellow Americans: When you see the confederate flag, what comes to mind?

Texas is not the South. End of the fucking story lol. One can make a case for Texarkana. Texas is a fucking fantastic state. Even if you include as part of the South...which the great folks at r/Texas will disagree with, it's an out liar.

You ever wonder why Cape Canaveral was chosen as a launch site? It's one of the southernmost regions of the US with access to the mainland US and other infrastructure. No engineering work goes on at CC. Kennedy Space Center is also part of the launch complex...no R&D goes on there, at least minimal R&D.

Are you seriously trying to LIE and say that the South is just as even in scientific research as the North/West? Is this some sort of sick joke?

3 of NASA's research centers are in California alone. That's not to mention the plethora of DOE and other national labs...none of which is in the South except for 1 of 10, which is Oak Ridge in Tennessee.

If Mississippi & Friends are so god dang smart, why doesn't GM or Toyota, or Ford, or Chevron, or Intel, or Caterpillar, or Lockheed, or ____ have their research centers there? What's the holdup? The humidity? Why are they all in the West/Texas?

I tell it like it is buddy, sadly, the South is not good for anything but a good amount of automotive manufacturing. It's a slag dump filled with a 3rd world lifestyle and culture. A people depraved of any sense of modern civilization.

Reconstruction didn't go far enough.

See, I always say this: There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

And you are spreading the first two.

Also, lay off the fucking coke and BBQ you fatass.

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