Fellow Indians, would you marry someone who doesn't speak your native tongue? Why/Why not?

Yeah I have married someone who doesn't share my mother tongue. Our entire relationship has been close to a decade and have never faced any communication issues due to language. We communicate in English and Hindi and we are more articulate and comfortable with each other than with anyone else.

We can't speak each other's mother tongue , but I watch movies/songs from his culture with subtitles, and we both enjoy the music and dances of each others' culture without knowing the language. We also celebrate the festivals , wear the clothes on occasions and regularly enjoy the food .I also learnt (through English ) many songs from my husband's mother tongue to sing for him(but I can't speak that language on my own).
I love many things about my husband's culture and brought that into our home , on a regular basis, like food, festivals, dressing, movies, music but it was not easy for me to learn any language at this age due to many factors.

Now we have a little baby and I have a lot of free time due to taking a break in career to take of care of my baby, and I recently started taking a lot of interest in learning my husband's language to speak to my baby. My husband said I don't have to do it- but I feel my husband will feel really happy and amused if baby talks in his mother tongue to him.

I feel lucky that I don't care about region/mother-tongue/caste etc so I married someone I really like rather than being forced to choose life partner from a small pool.

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