Fellow players with eleven thousand characters (dolphins, whales, lucky F2Ps, whatever), how do you choose which ones you'll use?

My teams vary a lot according to the content I'm playing, but if you're asking for my default: Guildna, Radias, Strawboy, Violet (Skull).


Skull: Phantom and Mask enhanced grasta for Violet. He's preferred over Joker because he is light.

Radias: carries enhanced Max HP (Sword), Void Sword and Quake Sword, supporting both Guildna and Violet. She has priority pain for Violet.

Strawboy: Aspect of Action and three encounter rate -. He's the light battery.

Guildna: auto-crit build with Ocean Sword. Auto-attack clears practically everything.

Violet: Triple pain enhanced with Rose of Thorns, Last Stand and Critical. She is the one-punch (wo)man of the team. Her Sword Dance deals around 1.5m after receiving the buff from Strawboy and pain from Radias. Good enough to kill horrors and bosses in one-shot.

If I need to be "serious" I swap Guildna for Tiramisu for mob clearing or Melissa for break/zone, which makes Violet reach close to 4m.

If I'm exclusively mob hunting, then my team is Radias, Guildna, Yipha (Norm. Att. all Grasta) and Riica. Riica carries the Hammer support Grasta and Encounter Rate +.

To be honest, I barely use Tiramisu. Feels wasteful to use MP to clear mobs now.

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