I felt that bellyflop

Terminal velocity is about 120 mph. She was like 20 feet or so up there, she is coming down hard but not terminal velocity hard. People forget how fast gravity is, the water came quick. Fat people forgetting they're fat is how fat people die. I'm not fat but I am out of shape and at the playground last weekend with my kids I tried to hang from the bars; straighten out my legs and pull them horizonal up to my waste. It was a colossal failure. This was because in my HEAD I'm 17 still but in my actual real body I'm 37.

It made me reconsider ever doing anything that REQUIRED me to be able to actually be athletic. Like a rope swing off a ledge into the lake? Nope, those days have passed. I'm not tumbling down a hill of rocks and exposed tree roots. Doing the worm drunk at a party? No thanks, I want my hip bones not chipped. Sex with the wife like in the porno where he like frog squats and mounts from behind like some sort of centaur? I got like 3 or 4 seconds of that before my quads gave out.

Stick to your lane people, getting really hurt because you are trying to prove something is foolish. Love your body and self how you are, don't put yourself in danger to be something you aren't. This lady had no business diving off anything except the side of a pool.

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