Female with non existent sex drive and using alcohol to be able to have sex.

have been thinking of removing the IUD but then I don't know if other options will have less severe effects and if the side from the Mirena will ever dissappear.

Please remove the IUD and then let your body go back to "normal". Use condoms during that time and pull out. See how your body changes. Sure, birth control has an impact on sex drive, but so do other factors (e.g. weight gain, age, stress etc.). It could very well be that your sex drive has decreased "naturally". However, you can only figure that out if you actually give your body a break.

I know is that I want things to change and my gynecologist tells me that my side effects can't be from Mirena... I don't believe it.

Might be worth to go to another doctor as well.

Once you're ready for something new, consider non-hormonal bc. If your body has accepted the IUD, you should look into the copper IUD for example.

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