Feminism is simply the equality between men and women?

To speak on your suggestion that some feminists may not know what feminism is, I challenge you with the definition that Websters Dictionary offers … the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.


Well of course, the flaws in turning to dictionary definitions are legion - first and foremost is the fact that you are putting the dictionary definition to a purpose for which it was never actually intended and therefore not designed. But let's just say for a minute that I accept that Feminism is primarily about "equal rights and opportunities" based on Webster's definition alone.

If that is the case, then logically Feminists would have to also accept the very same dictionary's definition of the words gender, sex, would they not?

Only it turns out that Webster's defines gender as:

the state of being male or female

Hm. Can't imagine many Feminists accepting that definition - but just wait until you see Webster's definition of (biological) sex:

the state of being male or female

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! It turns out that the same dictionary definition that defines Feminism as being about "equal rights and opportunities" describes both sex and gender using exactly the same definition "the state of being male or female".

Just how many Feminists, of almost any stripe these days, would be willing to accept that definition? And if that definition isn't right …

More significantly still, if you are going to cite the dictionary definition of Feminism as being the 'real' meaning, then - perhaps you can tell me - how many Feminists do you know would be likely to accept as being satisfactory Webster's definition of the word rape as:

to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence

While all of them would agree rape includes the definition above, wouldn't they complain that this definition does not include the concept of consent? In fact, consent is not mentioned anywhere in that definition despite the fact that actually it is now a core part of most legal definitions of rape.

This sub has turned into such a shameful he man woman haters club …

I'm sorry, but no it hasn't - and I speak as someone who has only become a visitor to this sub-reddit since January of this year. That's not to say that I have not come across opinions and points of view that I disagree with or even find personally find to be unpalatable, but it needs to be remembered that with the Internet comes a degree of anonymity.

Not everyone who posts on this subreddit is necessarily sympathetic to some of the causes it supports. The same cannot be said for many leading Feminists who openly declare what, to me at least, are quite extraordinary views not only about men but about women too. In fact, I find it a continuing irony that it is women who appear to be denigrated as much if not more than men by the kind of authoritarian/puritanical forms of Feminism to which I am very strongly opposed.

A person who opposes Feminism is not a synonym of a misogynist, even if it is true that some misogynists are also opponents of Feminism.

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