Fent Warning to those of you who still struggle.

Out of all the people I know that I've OD'd about five of them we're struggling to get off the dope with rehab and family probably dead sober clean for at least 24 hours. Then something Clicks in people's head and they go get it fixed and it's not the first line or Bang but it's 3 hours later when they load a bigger one when they can do it better and get higher with a bigger load because 6 months ago they were doing that amount no questions. It has those moments which are the last breath for a lot of people struggling people talk about drug addiction and people need to get help and it is much much deeper in the human consciousness of a problem with depression.

No longer does our society sin hundreds of thousands or millions of humans to die in ridiculous pointless Wars. The death Bringers of our society have found a way for the deaths of Millions to live a life so beautiful right in the last thing they experience is struggling not with being sad and lonely defensively but there is a more Humane and respectable way to leave this Matrix we call the universe

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